Sectorau bwyd

Mae’r amrywiaeth o gynnyrch sy’n dod o Gymru’n sylweddol. Diolch i amgylchedd naturiol ffres a ffrwythlon, mae cynhyrchwyr yn gallu ein temtio gyda bwyd a diod amheuthun, o'r cig mwyaf blasus i'r pysgod mwyaf ffres.


The meat sector is worth more than £1billion annually in Wales.


Welsh dairy farmers have the natural resources for world-class produce.


Our baked goods sub sector is showing impressive growth.


Wales is known internationally for mineral water, beer, cider, perry, wine and spirits.


Wales offers the highest quality fish and seafood.


We're building a sustainable horticulture industry for the Welsh people and our environment.

Other Food Products

This short report provides more detail on the activities of the sub sector, its product focus and specialisms.

Poultry and eggs

Poultry and egg production totals more than £97million in Wales.